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Operating a successful business in today's complicated environment requires a comprehensive approach to business operations and planning. We take the time to understand the interworking of your business, as well as the overall trends and economic factors affecting it. We also get to know your goals and objectives; we can even help to clarify them. Then we collaborate with you to put together a plan of strategies and services tailored to achieving your goals.

Even the most insightful analysis and advice is of no value unless it's put into action. We provide follow-through vital to maximizing results. We simply consider it part of our commitment to initiate, oversee and review the financial and business strategies we assist in developing for you.

At the same time, our commitment to independence in reporting on financial statements has earned us, and our clients, respect and credibility with bankers, sureties and other third parties that depend on the objectivity of this information. We are a member firm in the AICPA and have received a clean peer review report.

We believe that the services we offer, and the unique way we go about implementing and integrating them for our clients, are integral to our success. And Yours.

Our Credentials

Johnson & Shute, P.S. has membership in the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Our firm participates in the Peer Review program prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has received a clean report from all peer reviews undertaken, the last completed in 2019.  Click here for a copy of our latest Peer Review reports.


Our entire operation is rooted in a tradition of meeting the highest standards of accounting practices. From this foundation, we offer the following specialized services and expertise:

  • Tax Compliance and Planning for Businesses and Individuals
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • General Business Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Retirement and Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Bookkeeping assistance

Unique Features

Federal Taxes

Preparation of federal and state tax returns is the core of our tax services.

State & Local Taxes

We can help you to understand and navigate where your business is required to file and pay state and local taxes based on multistate activities.


Audits are usually performed because an outside third party requires an auditor’s opinion on the financial statements.  We can assist in performing required audits, including specialized area audits.

Estate & Trusts

We can assist in the preparation of federal and state estate tax returns and Estate and Trust income tax returns.

Why Choose Our Service


At Johnson & Shute, P.S. we pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.    

We combine the experience of a large firm with the personal attention that only a small firm can provide.  

We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for our clients and offer consulting services for special needs.  

Since 1975, our proactive professionals have been focused on providing critical solutions to our clients today. And strategically preparing for their needs of tomorrow.

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